UNICEF to UK: Give 20% of Vaccines to Other Countries

UNICEF has urged the United Kingdom to commit to giving 20 percent of its vaccines to other countries that are in urgent need of them as early as June.

The children’s charity estimated that the UK will have enough spare doses this year to fully vaccinate a further 50 million people around the world.

It also urged the government to set an example to the G7 by starting to share them next month. 

Unicef UK made its call before the G7 summit in the UK next month and as France announced it would donate up to 5 percent of its vaccine stocks to Covax facility, the UN-backed initiative to get vaccines to lower-income countries.

It further said that it would help prevent the spread of variants as well as open up society for children.

Unicef UK director of advocacy Joanna Rea said that the UK has done a fantastic job in rolling out Covid-19 vaccines to more than half of its adult population and they should all be proud of what has been achieved.

“However, we can’t ignore that the UK and other G7 countries have purchased over a third of the world’s vaccine supply, despite making up only 13% of the global population – and we risk leaving low-income countries behind,” Rea added.

A UK Government spokesperson meanwhile said that the UK has played a leading role in “championing” global access to coronavirus vaccines.

The spokesperson further said that they have been one of the largest donors to Covax, $773,228,000 (£548 million) for the vaccines.

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