Israel Launches Mass Airstrikes in Response to Palestine Rocket Attacks

The Israeli Defense force (IDF) announced that it has launched a major counteroffensive against Hamas targets at the Gaza strip.

The airstrikes were reportedly in response to the ongoing rocket attacks from both Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). 

The IDF said that says 630 rockets have been launched toward Israel since yesterday, with 480 rockets fired into Israeli territory while 150 failed and struck Gaza territory.

IDF spokesperson Hidai Zilberman says some 80 fighter jets are currently deployed to strike rocket batteries and other targets such as outposts. 

As of Tuesday, the Palestinian Red Cross said 28 people have been killed in the Gaza strip because of the strikes. 

The IDF claimed that they have only killed 15 people in the strikes including Islamic Jihad commander, Samah Abed al-Mamluk.

The IDF said several structures in the Gaza strip which were allegedly military targets have been destroyed during the strikes 

Footage shared on Twitter showed the Hanadi Tower, a 13-story building in Gaza City collapsing after it was reportedly hit with an Israeli airstrike. 

Both Hamas and the PIJ have not expressed any plans of stopping the rocket attacks and have threatened with further escalation. 

“Rockets will be fired on Tel Aviv at 9 PM,” said the Al-Quds brigade of the PIJ while Hamas said that they would continue firing rockets into Tel Aviv as airstrikes continue.

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