Former Chief Doctor of Hospital That Treated Navalny Found Alive After Disappearance

The former chief doctor of the Russian hospital that first treated opposition leader Alexei Navalny after his poisoning last year has been found alive days after his disappearance in a forest.

Alexander Murakhovsky emerged from a forest and appeared in the Basly village in the Omsk region on May 10 after he was reported missing last May 8.

Basly was 32 kilometers away from the hunting base where he left on an all-terrain vehicle last May 7.

Murakhovsky’s vehicle had been found in the village of Pospelovo, 6.5 kilometers away from the hunting base.

“He is in a good condition. Now he is being examined at a hospital in the Bolsheukovsky District,” the Omsk government’s press service said.

“Everything’s normal. I feel good. I’ll keep how I survived to myself. How it happened: I didn’t orient myself correctly in the forest,” Murakhovsky told Moscow news site Baza.

Murakhovsky also told local media that he had fallen behind his friends after his vehicle had stalled, then he quickly got lost after he left his vehicle behind in the forest.

“I wasn’t afraid. My advice for the next time is not to fall behind your friends,” Murakhovsky said.

Murakhovsky headed the hospital that immediately treated Navalny after his poisoning. However, Murakhovsky denied that Navalny was poisoned with the novichok nerve agent and claimed that the critic had “a metabolic disorder which caused a sharp drop in blood sugar.”

After his handling of Navalny’s hospitalization, Murakhovsky was then promoted as the health minister for the Omsk region, which drew criticism from Navalny.

“You lie, fake test results, are ready to please the bosses in any way — you get an award and a promotion,” Navalny stated in a tweet last year.

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