China Imposes Total Ban of Synthetic Cannabinoids

The Chinese government issued an order to add all synthetic cannabinoids substances to the list of prohibited drugs in the country, China’s drug control unit said in a statement on Tuesday.

In a press release, China’s National Narcotics Control Commission Deng Ming explained that synthetic cannabinoids are artificial chemicals formulated by humans designed to create similar effects to cannabis. However, he said the drug carries a greater health risk due to its high potency.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, synthetic cannabinoids can become toxic and cause “serious side effects that are very different from those of marijuana.”

Deng also said that 1047 variations of the artificial psychoactive substance had already appeared worldwide by the end of 2020.

Shandong narcotics official Yu Haibin said that the illegal manufacturing and distribution of synthetic cannabinoids were massively at large in the Chinese autonomous province of Xinjiang over the previous years.

Since 2018, authorities said that they were seized about 360 kilograms (790 pounds) of synthetic cannabinoids during their drug crackdown in 13 provinces and over 40 cities in China.

“The problem of new psychoactive substances has been fierce, posing severe challenges to the narcotics control work of all countries and the world. It is also a new situation and new problem and new challenge to China,” Deng said in a press release.

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