Suspected COVID Corpses Wash Up on the Shores of the Ganges River, Nearby Residents Alarmed

Several bodies of suspected COVID-19 victims have been floated around and washed up on the shores of the Ganges River causing residents in Chausa, Bixar to panic.

The residents of Chausa town which borders Uttar Pradesh reported that corpses have been piling up on the riverbanks.

“Nearly 30-40 dead bodies can be seen in the Ganga and there are stray dogs roaming around. Yes, most of them are likely to be those of COVID-19 victims,” reported local lawyer Ashwini Varma.

The local administration speculated that the bodies floated down from Uttar Pradesh and were COVID-19 patients whose relatives may have been unable to afford or find space to cremate or bury them.

Residents were concerned that the bodies might end up spreading the virus to their communities and demanded that the government should dispose of them properly.

“It nearly costs ₹30,000-40,000 to cremate a body. So the poor people prefer to push bodies into the river Ganga. Stray dogs are devouring the dead bodies which could be of COVID-19 victims. It will spread the virus as well,” explained Varma.

The Indian Congress alleged these bodies which washed up in Chaus are proof that there are many undeclared pandemic deaths as the country records daily cases in the tens of thousands.

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