Madrid Mayor Denounces Post-Lockdown Celebratory Parties

Madrid’s mayor has appealed to people to behave responsibly after thousands of people celebrated the end of the lockdown in the streets of towns and cities.

Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida called for the people to remember the rules after scenes of drinking, jubilation, and often mask-less celebrations spread across the internet.

“Freedom doesn’t involve having drinking parties in the street because those drinking parties aren’t allowed in the city of Madrid,” he said on Sunday.

“Each one of us needs to understand that we live in a society … and that a street-drinking party in Madrid isn’t freedom,” he added.

Earlier, hundreds of people across Spain partied in the streets as the clock struck midnight on Saturday as their celebration of the end of the six-month-long national state of emergency lockdown.

There were also scenes of people who were not wearing masks, dancing, and group singing in Madrid’s central Puerta del Sol square resembled pre-pandemic nightlife.

In October last year, Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez has declared a state of emergency, including a nationwide overnight curfew, travel restrictions between regions, and a ban on the gathering of more than six people.

To date, more than 13.2 million people of Spain’s 47 million population have received a shot, and almost six million had received the two doses of the vaccine.

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