Amazon Blocks 10 Billion Product Listings Amid Intensified Counterfeit Crackdown

Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon announced on Monday that it blocked more than 10 billion suspicious listings last year before any of its offerings could get officially sold on its platform, the first of the tech firm regarding the anti-counterfeiting initiative that it has started since it launched new tools and technologies in 2019.

According to Amazon, the number of phony listings that the company blocked in 2020 has increased by approximately 67 percent compared with its counterfeit crackdown data in 2019.

Amazon said that the number of counterfeiters attempting to sell their products on the platform has spiked because scammers are trying to take advantage of online shoppers who have been buying more items online amid the pandemic.

Amazon has been experiencing pressure from customers, businesses and lawmakers to revamp its crackdown on counterfeits on its retailing platform for years.

In its 2019 statement, the company said in its government filings and told its investors that the sale of suspicious goods and products on its platform would place the company and its image in serious jeopardy.

The machine-learning technology that the company introduced in 2019 helped Amazon revamp its efforts to block counterfeiters before they can sell anything on the online marketplace. This has enabled the e-commerce giant to automatically scan listings and remove phony listings.

Amazon was also able to provide brands a way to remove fake items from the platform themselves, instead of waiting for the tech giant’s action to take them down whenever they report the fraudulent goods.

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