China’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Surpasses Those of All Developing Nations Combined

The independent research firm, Rhodium Group, reported in their latest study that China’s annual greenhouse gas emissions have surpassed the combined total gas emissions of all developing countries.

China’s share of the global greenhouse gas emissions totaled 52 gigatons in 2019.

Rhodium Group reported that “China alone contributed over 27% of total global emissions, far exceeding the US, the second-highest emitter, which contributed 11% of the global total. For the first time, India edged out the EU-27 for third place, coming in at 6.6% of global emissions.”

This is the highest share across the globe and greater than the total combined percentage of all developing nations belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

China’s per capita emissions of 10.1 tons still lower than those in the developing nations because of a large population amounting to almost 1.4 billion individuals.

The full data for the 2020 report is not yet available and it will remain to be seen whether China’s per capita emissions are still lower than those of developing countries.

Rhodium Group has been providing annual estimates of economy-wide emissions through the ClimateDeck, a partnership with Breakthrough Energy, for over 190 countries from 1990-2019.

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