Qatar Orders Arrest of Finance Minister

The Qatari Attorney general has ordered the arrest of Finance Minister Ali Shareef al-Emadi as part of an ongoing probe into alleged misuse of public funds and abuse of power.

“The attorney general has ordered the arrest of Minister of Finance Ali Sharif Al Emadi, and his questioning about matters raised in the reports regarding crimes pertaining to public office, such as damage to public funds, exploiting one’s post, and abuse of power,” reported the state-owned Qatar News Agency (QNA).

Emadi has been the Qatari finance minister since 2013 and is also the president of the executive board of the national carrier Qatar Airways and chairman of Qatar National Bank’s board.

There are speculations that Al-Emadi had fallen out of favor because allegations of criminal conduct by senior state officials or members of ruling families in the Gulf are not usually announced to the public. 

“The arrest was unexpected,” an unnamed diplomat told the AFP.  

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