Danish High Court Upholds Sentence of Norwegian Citizen Charged of Spying

A high court in Denmark decided to uphold the seven-year sentence levied against a Norwegian citizen who was found guilty of spying for an Iranian intelligence service and participating in an unsuccessful conspiracy to assassinate a prominent Iranian Arab opposition individual in the European country.

Mohammad Davoudzadeh Loloei, a 40-year-old Norwegian man of Iranian heritage has previously received his sentence in June 2020 after being taken into custody during a large-scale police operation in Denmark in 2018.

The arrest of the Norwegian-Iranian man led to the revelation of an intel power dispute between Saudi Arabia and Iran within the Danish territory.

This prompted Denmark to urge other EU nations to take action and slap sanctions against Iran in 2018.

“A unanimous jury in the Eastern High Court has found an Iranian man guilty of illegal intelligence activities and complicity in an attempted murder of an exiled Iranian in Ringsted,” a public prosecutor in Denmark wrote in a tweet on Thursday.

Mohammad Davoudzadeh Loloei – the defendant – will remain sentenced to seven years in prison and would be permanently banned from the Danish soil.

“It has been an unparalleled case in Danish legal history, which will probably reverberate beyond Denmark’s borders,” Kruse said in a statement. “We managed to prove this link between the accused and the Iranian intelligence service, and that is very unusual and can be a difficult task.”

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