British Academic Sues UAE Officials over Spying Accusations and Alleged Torture

A British academic has now sued senior officials from the United Arab Emirates on allegations of assault, torture and false imprisonment, on Wednesday.

Matthew Hedges, who was imprisoned in the Gulf state in 2018 for espionage, has now filed legal action at London’s High Court against four security officials. 

“On May 5th 2018, I was detained and tortured in the UAE. Three years later, I am still waiting for the truth and justice,” the academic said. 

Hedges was arrested following a research visit and was detained for more than six months in 2018.

The UAE accused him of being a spy for the UK’s MI6 intelligence service. 

He returned to the UK after he was pardoned. 

Hedges also said, “Today, my fight for justice continues and my lawyers have filed a case in the civil courts in order to hold those responsible to account,” as he sought damages worth £200,000 to £350,000.

The UAE has yet to comment on the allegations.

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