Starlink Satellite Receives Over 500,000 Pre-Orders

SpaceX Starlink satellite internet CEO, and CTO Elon Musk announced that they have received more than 500,000 pre orders said on Tuesday.

Musk said he anticipated no technical problems in meeting the demand for this high number of pre-bookings which already included advance deposits for the hardware.

“Only limitation is high density of users in urban areas. Most likely, all of the initial 500k will receive service,” Musk tweeted.

Starlink is a low latency, broadband internet system using a satellite constellation inter-network. It is theoretically capable of delivering 50-150Mbps internet speeds to any regions of the globe.

Starlink currently costs $99 per month with $499 one-time fee for the equipment which includes a phased array antenna and router.

SpaceX further launched 60 more of its Starlink internet broadband satellites from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 3:01 PM ET (12:01 PM PT) using a re-used Falcon 9 booster. The booster has been used eight times previously and marks SpaceX’s 115th Falcon 9 launch to date.

SpaceX has launched a total of 420 Starlink satellites since the beginning of March and plans to eventually deploy around 12,000 satellites in total which cost around $10 billion.

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