Belgian Farmer “Moves” French Border

A Belgian farmer has moved the border with France, making Belgium slightly bigger in the process.

According to reports, the border was moved by around 7.5 feet, which came after the farmer decided to move the 150 kilogram stone marker, his French neighbor told local media.

The mayor of Erquelinnes, Belgium, David Lavaux said that they know “exactly” the position of the stone.

“We know exactly where the stone was before, right next to a tree,” Lavaux told CNN on Tuesday. 

“In 2019, during the 200th anniversary, they were geo-localized very precisely,” he added.

He further said that the stones were placed there in 1819 following the defeat of Napoleon, and “the year is inscribed on them.”

The mayor also said that it should be resolved on Thursday, as they were about to find the person that moved the stone to avoid any troubles. 

“I still have to verify who the landowner is,” he added.

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