Over 30 Percent of Basecamp Employees Resign After Political Discussion Ban

Productivity software developer Basecamp has lost a third of its employees after new policies were implemented that banned workplace discussion about politics.

Basecamp chief executive Jason Fried outlined the policies in blog post that went live on Monday, saying that “societal and political discussions” that take place on company messaging tools are a “major distraction”. 

The post also discussed the banning of committees, cutting benefits like the fitness allowance and to stop “lingering and dwelling on past decisions”. Basecamp will instead pay out the full cash amount of those benefits to employees.

Prior to the announcement, Basecamp had a total of 57 employees, including Jason Fried. Since the posting, 20 of those employees have publicly announced they plan to resign or have already tendered resignation.

Basecamp did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The halting of political discussions in the workplace have started gaining traction amongst major companies, with crypto trading platform Coinbase implementing a similar policy last year. Coinbase saw about 5% of its workforce leave after implementation.

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