Greek Coastguard Sends Back Refugee Boat with Migrant Children in the Mediterranean

Greek authorities have allegedly turned 53 migrants, 35 of them children, back to the Mediterranean Sea, after they landed on Agios Theodorous beach, a Norwegian NGO reported.

The Aegean Boat Report (ABR), an independent media site reported that the Greek coast guard left the refugees drifting in a life raft in the Mediterranean after they found the group last week. 

The ABR said they were contacted by the refugees for assistance so that their arrival could be known. 

“We advised them to move together in one group towards the village of Klio, so their presence could be known by locals, Pictures, videos and location data received by the Aegean Boat Report documents their presence on Lesvos, there is no doubt that they arrived,” the NGO said. 

Port police allegedly said the migrants would be taken to a quarantine camp for Covid-19 testing, but was later on transported by a bus to an unknown port. 

“They were forced on a grey military vessel, those who refused was beaten by men in dark uniforms wearing black balaclavas. It was dark when they were taken out,” the report said. 

“After what seemed to be hours, the boat stopped, and everyone was forced into a huge life raft, those who didn’t obey was again beaten,” the report added. 

The Turkish coast guard were able to rescue the migrants after hours adrift at sea. 

“It’s difficult to believe that human beings can find it in their hearts to drag over 30 children back out to sea, and dump them in life rafts in the dark,” the NGO said. 

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