Twitter Forced to Takedown “Harmful Content” as Demanded by Russian Consumer Watchdog

Twitter has been complying in taking down the contents which were banned in Russia, but it was taking too long, Russian state communications Roskomnadzor said on Friday.

It said that Twitter had removed 60% of such content since Moscow slowed the speed of its service in March to press its demand.

Roskomnadzor said that it wanted Twitter to delete content that was containing child pornography, drug abuse information, or calling for minors to commit suicide.

Over 1,000 “banned contents” remained accessible, down from more than 3,000 earlier this year.

Twitter meanwhile has always denied that its platform allowed to promote illegal behaviors.

“We had a constructive conversation with Roskomnadzor on Thursday, April 1 and again on Wednesday, April 28,” a Twitter spokesperson said.

“These were productive discussions about how we can both work to ensure that reports of such illegal content are dealt with expeditiously,” the spokesperson added.

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