Turkey Bans Civilians from Filming Protests

Turkey has now issued a ban on audio and video recording during protests, saying legal action may be taken against those who violate the order, according to a rights group. 

The Progressive Lawyers Association (CHD) on Twitter shared the circular order issued by the General Directorate of Security, saying mobile audio and video recording of police officers and citizens is a violation of privacy and hinders officers from performing their duties. 

The circular read, “These kinds of audio-visual recordings prevent them [the police] from fulfilling their duties and must not be permitted; they should prevent those taking recordings of a protest or action,” on Friday. 

The CHD also said that the order was issued before May 1 to protect officers on Labor Day demonstrations. 

“If your personnel are recorded while torturing someone, this could be presented as evidence. Once again, your duty is not to torture, it is a crime!” the group wrote on Twitter. 

“We would like to remind you that you can collect evidence by recording with audio and video devices when you realize that a crime has been committed,” the CHD also said. 

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