Police Arrest Suspected British IS Member near Channel Tunnel Entrance

MPS Counter Terrorism Command units have arrested a 37-year-old British man suspected of being an ISIS terrorist in Coquelles, France, at the entrance of the Channel Tunnel to the UK.

The terror suspect has already been detained and is being questioned over his links to terror groups. 

 “He was arrested on suspicion of preparing for terrorist acts (under section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006) and membership of a proscribed organization (under section 11 of the Terrorism Act 2000) and detained under Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) powers”, explained the Metropolitan police. 

Due to the suspect’s alleged activities in Syria, the police have been granted more time to question him under the Terrorism Act.

London-based advocacy group CAGE however claimed that the suspect is actually a British aid worker who won a battle to keep his British citizenship.

“He is a veteran aid worker with a strong track record of international relief work. Without any initial judicial oversight, he was stripped of his citizenship and sent into exile without any regard for due process,” said CAGE managing director Muhammad Rabbani.

The Metropolitan police have not yet released the identity of the suspect and where he came from prior to France. 

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