High Ranking Spanish Officials Receive Threatening Packages and Death Threats

Several Spanish politicians have received at least seven packages containing death threats since the start of the week.

Spanish Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto reported last Monday that someone sent her a death threat with a bloody knife enclosed.

The knife remained undetected in the package during mail screening because it was sandwiched between two CDs.

The person who sent the package to Maroto was identified because included his own name and address on the envelope but could not be prosecuted because of his mental illness.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and María Gámez, the first female head of the Civil Guard police force, also received packages with death threats and bullets this week.

“Your time is running out. You have ten days to resign, ” said the letter addressed to Iglesias while the letter sent to Marlaska said, ” Your days of laughing at us are over.”

Former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero also received a letter with a .38 Spl. bullet saying, “Zapa, harmful, dull, ignorant vermin that did and continues to do so much damage to Spain. I hope your brains burst through your eyebrows.”

Spanish police speculated that the other letters might have been sent by different suspects after analyzing the origin, handwriting, and bullets that were included but have no leads yet.

The threats came just weeks before the Madrid regional election campaign will start.

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