French Soldiers Who Signed Letter Warning of French Military Coup to Face Sanctions

A group of French soldiers, including semi-retired officers and generals, would be sanctioned with forced retirement and disciplinary action after signing an open letter warning that France is allegedly heading towards civil war.

The letter warned that the military could take control if France failed to act against “suburban hordes” and rampant Islamism.

Among the signatories were 24 generals who are close to retirement and 18 active soldiers including four officers.

French Chief of the Defense Staff General Francois Lecointre said that the signatories will go before a senior military council and could be “delisted” or “put into immediate retirement”.

French prime minister Jean Castex said that military figures intervening in politics were violating France’s republican principles and the “honor and duty” of the army.

French right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen who expressed support for the letter said that the signatories were owed “respect” even if one did not agree with them.

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