Butt-plug Mistaken for Bomb in Germany

German police have accidentally called in a bomb threat after a buttplug that was found in a forest in the city of Passau was mistaken for a grenade.

A female jogger mistook the buttplug for a WWII-era grenade while jogging at a forest in Hauzenberg and reported it to the police.

Police sent a bomb squad to the scene but only found a bag containing the buttplug two unopened condoms, and a USB cable.

The bomb squad immediately determined that it was sexual paraphernalia and was sitting in the forest for a long time.

“A search on the internet then confirmed the suspicion. There are actually sex toys in the form of hand grenades. And that was what it was all about here,” said the police.

The police reported that they have already disposed of the sex toys and are still wondering how they got there.

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