Washington DC Police Breached; Hackers Threaten to Release US Police Informant Database

Washington DC’s Metropolitan Police Department reported that its computer network has been breached by the ransomware group called Babuk.

The Babuk group announced on its website that it had “downloaded a sufficient amount of information from (DC Police) internal networks,” including top-secret data on police informants, and threatened to release them unless an unspecified ransom was paid in three days.

The Babuk group also posted screenshots on their dark website showing that they have stolen more than 250 gigabytes of data from at least 4 computers.

Intelligence reports, information on gang conflicts, the jail census, and other administrative files were believed to have been stolen during the breach.

The police department said that it had asked the FBI to investigate the breach but did not provide details if any police operations were affected.

Ransomware analyst Brett Callow of the cybersecurity firm Emsisof said that 26 government agencies in the U.S. have been hit by ransomware, with cybercriminals releasing online data stolen from 16 in 2021 alone.

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