Mass Killing Reported in Colombian Andes, 5 Dead

The municipality of Andes, Antioquia in Colombia reported that a new massacre has taken place in the region with five dead, one wounded, and one missing.

“It is confirmed. Apparently four to five people. We do not know if the wounded man died, but there are between four or five. It was in the village of La Chaparrala,” said the representative of the Andes, Duván Alberto Graciano.

The governor of Antioquia, Luis Fernando Suárez, visited La Chaparrala lead a security council in which local authorities in cooperation with the police and the army.

No details have been released yet on the identities of the victims or the motive for the killings.

“May it be the opportunity to appeal to the National Government to look at this territory that has a phenomenon of structural violence,” added Graciano.

The Government of Antioquia offered a reward of up to 100 million pesos (about $ 27,000) for information on the suspects of the massacre.

Also in Antioquia, police reported that three other people were murdered in the municipality of Sonsó including a 13-year-old girl.

“Men entered a house and attacked the people who were in it with firearms,” ​​said the officer, who detailed that two of the victims, including the girl, died in the hospital to which they were transferred after the shooting,” said deputy commander of the Antioquia Police, Colonel Ever Gómez.

According to the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace, Indepaz, in 2021 alone, there have been 12 massacres in Colombia.

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