Wealthy Indians Flee Pandemic onboard Private Jets, Escape to the UK, UAE, Thailand

Wealthy Indian citizens have allegedly fled their country’s worsening pandemic onboard overpriced flights and chartered private jets into the UK, UAE, and Thailand.

In the UK, 8 private jets carrying Indian citizens have landed in London on Friday before India was put on the red list by 4 AM.

There were also flights to the United Arab Emirates before it shut down. its air corridors last Sunday.

Due to the high demand, ticket prices from Mumbai to Dubai cost as much as 80,000 rupees ($1,000) while the New Delhi to Dubai route costs more than 50,000 rupees on Friday and Saturday.

There were also reports of other Indian nationals fleeing to Thailand but the Thai Foreign Ministry denied them.

“The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand also has confirmed that they have not allowed any charter flights from India to land in Thailand during the period, as claimed by the rumor,” said the Thai Foreign Ministry.

The Thai Foreign Ministry Clarified that some Indian nationals who were bound for the UAE were just inquiring about entry regulations.

To prevent more Indians from trying to flee to their country, the Royal Thai Embassy in New Delhi announced that they had placed restrictions on non-Thai nationals who wished to enter Thailand.

As of Sunday, there were 349,691 new COVID-19 cases in India with 2,767 deaths.

The ongoing hospital bed and oxygen shortage have raised fears for most citizens.

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