Russian Prosecutors Office Suspends Activities of Alexei Navalny’s Organization

Russia’s prosecutors Monday have ordered the suspension of the political movements of Alexei Navalny of his offices across the country while waiting for the pending court ruling on whether to label it an extremist group.

Official documents showed that Moscow’s Chief Prosecutor Popov D.G. had examined materials of an audit about Navalny’s political offices and decided to suspend their activities.

“The activities of Navalny’s offices and FBK (Anti-Corruption Foundation) were immediately suspended,” FBK’s director Ivan Zhdanov wrote on Twitter on Monday.

“They are just shouting here: We are afraid of your activities, we are afraid of your rallies, we are afraid of smart voting,” he added.

Navalny’s office in Moscow said in a statement that the group will already “no longer be able to work” as usual.

“It would be too dangerous for our employees and for our supporters,” the statement read.

Police have already started rolling up Navalny’s organization nationwide. It has arrested over 70 staff and supporters during the weekend following a nationwide protest calling for his freedom. 

Navalny recently ended his 24-day hunger strike as part of his protest as he demanded better medical care.

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