Japan to Roll Out COVID-19 Vaccination Centers in Tokyo and Osaka

The Japanese government announced that it is planning to open large COVID vaccination centers in Tokyo and Osaka in the coming weeks to boost its vaccination program.

Japan only started vaccinating senior citizens this April and health experts say it may take till the winter.

The government said that the vaccination site in central Tokyo would be ready as early as May and that will be able to vaccinate around 10,000 people a day.

The site would be manned by professional staff who would be aided by medical staff from Japan’s Self-Defense Forces.

Anyone living and working in Tokyo would be eligible for vaccinations but there is no information yet on whether there are enough supplies. 

Japanese Health, Labor, and Welfare Minister Norihisa Tamura said the government could finish vaccinating the elderly by July if there were enough vaccines secured. 

The Japanese government has been criticized for its slow vaccination program and has declared a third state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka, and two other prefectures due to rising COVID-19 cases. 

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