Delhi Public Park Turns into a Ad-Hoc Cremation Ground

Public spaces in New Delhi are being converted into a cremation grounds in South East Delhi as dead bodies due to COVID-19 pile up

Pyres are likely to start burning to the ground from Monday as the death toll in the city increases caused by the virus. 

There were 20 more pyres which were being built at the park inside Sarai Kale Khan crematorium while another 50 pyres were being prepared at another part.

“On Saturday, there were 27 bodies and on Sunday there were over 30 till 5 p.m. With the surge in COVID-related deaths, we were getting short on space… We are hopeful of managing the situation better with the 20 new platforms being built in the park,” a worker at the nearby Sarai Kale Khan crematorium said.

“At present, we are operating from 6 a.m. to midnight,” he added.

Delhi has been recording over 20,000 daily COVID-19 cases daily with over 300 confirmed deaths. 

On Sunday, the city recorded 350 Covid-related deaths. 

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