Taiwanese Authorities Investigate Quanta Computers Ransomware Attack

Authorities in Taiwan are looking into a ransomware attack against Quanta Computers, involving the leak of multiple blueprints for flagship Apple devices.

Quanta Computers was hacked by a group known as Revil. The hacker group stole blueprints for yet to be released Apple devices and have published one such blueprint already. 

Quanta is a manufacturing partner for Apple, helping to produce some of their premiere products like the Macbook lineup.

Revil is asking for a ransom amount or it will publish the rest of the documents to the web. On their page located on the deep web, Revil said, “We recommend that Apple buy back available data by 1 May.”

The ransom amount is allegedly over $10 million.

It is currently unclear how essential the blueprints are and how much they reveal, with Bloomberg reporting that an upcoming Macbook Pro could be among the documents. The Guardian suggests that a new Apple Watch could be part of the document leak as well.

Apple has yet to respond to any requests for comment. Quanta Computers has acknowledged the breach and currently has IT teams diagnosing the issue. Quanta reports that the affected number of servers is small and that they are actively working with law enforcement on the issue.

Hackers released the blueprint just hours prior to Apple’s keynote event, where they unveiled a new iMac lineup as well as the introduction of AirTags, which are small GPS devices that operate off of Apple’s “Find My” network.

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