Kuwaitis Protest After Man Who Kidnapped and Killed Young Woman Released on Bail

Kuwaitis took to the streets on Thursday to protest gender-based violence, after a woman was kidnapped and stabbed to death by a man who stalked her, authorities said.

The man who has now confessed to the crime killed the 32-year-old Farah Hamzah Akbar and left her body outside a hospital on Tuesday, according to the interior ministry.

The perpetrator dragged Akbar from her car in broad daylight while she was travelling with her sister and two daughters, prompting outcry.

“That is what we got, exactly what we said, that he is going to kill her, and he killed my sister. Where is the government? We told the judge. I told you many times he would kill her, and now she’s dead,” her sister said in a video that has now circulated on social media.

Akbar had filed two harassment cases against the man who was arrested but later released on bail.

Over 200 people participated in the rally on Thursday with the call “Who is next?” as they demanded an end to violence against women, and tougher punishment for perpetrators.

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