French Fishermen to Block Trucks Carrying Fish from the UK to Protest Brexit Fishing Deal

Over 100 French fishermen on Thursday night blocked trucks carrying fish from United Kingdom waters from entering Europe’s largest seafood processing center in the northern town of Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Protesters were mad by the difficulties in obtaining licenses that would allow them to fish in British waters.

“You want to keep your waters??? OK … So, keep your fish!!!” a sign read, which was written by the protesters as their barricade at the port stopped two trucks.

Local mayor Frederic Cuvillier, former Socialist fishing minister, called for the European Union to “wake up” and protect the European fishing industry from Brexit’s impact.

“The cruel truth is that there is no fishing deal,” he said, describing the situation as “desperate.”

The French government has appealed to the European Commission for help in resolving the situation. 

The British Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs meanwhile described the protest as “unjustified.”

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