Far-Right Israelis Clash With Palestinian Settlers and Police in East Jerusalem, More than a Hundred Injured

More than 100 Palestinians and 20 Israeli police were injured in violent clashes after far-right Israelis marched into Damascus gate entrance to the Old City East Jerusalem chanting “death to Arabs”.

The Palestinians were gathered in the area around the Damascus gate during the evening to protest the closure of the plaza when the far-right Israelis from Lehava marched in and harassed the protesters while they chanted “death to Arabs” and waved banners reading: “Death to terrorists”.

Riot police arrived in the area to separate the two groups using barriers but members from both sides started throwing rocks and bottles.

The police were forced to use tear gas and skunk water to disperse the Palestinians and Israelis but had a hard time due to a large number of people. 

The Palestinian Red Crescent said 105 Palestinians were injured, 22 of which required hospital care. 

Police said that among the 20 officers that were injured, three were hospitalized. 

Several people were arrested but police have not given any further details. 

The tensions allegedly started after a video circulated on TikTok showing a Palestinian slapping an ultra-orthodox Jewish man on Jerusalem’s metro.

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