Doctors Urge Alexei Navalny to ‘Immediately’ End Hunger Strike

The medical team of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has urged him to “immediately stop the hunger strike in order to preserve life and health.”

“If the hunger strike continues even a little longer, we will simply have no one to treat soon,” Cardiologist Yaroslav Ashikhmin and four other doctors said in a statement published in Russian independent media outlet MediaZona on April 22.

The private doctors, who were denied from examining Navalny in his prison, said they have been shown the results of his medical tests conducted at a hospital in the city of Vladimir last April 20.

The doctors also noted that currently available data on Navalny’s condition is “not sufficient for us to be able to give a full-fledged independent opinion” and insisted for them to be allowed admission to examine Alexei Navalny “for reliable diagnoses and subsequent correct treatment.”

The doctors also insisted that Navalny be transferred to a multidisciplinary hospital in Moscow.

“Only there, given the complexity of his condition due to the previous severe damage to the nervous system by a chemical warfare agent, he can be provided with proper care and medical assistance,” the doctors stated.

The doctors also said that they will transfer the medical data to Navalny’s lawyers.

The statement came a day after thousands held protests across the country to demand for Navalny’s release, to which Navalny said he was full of “pride and hope.”

According to the Russian protesting monitoring group OVD-Info, authorities arrested over 1,500 protesters.

Navalny began his hunger strike last March 31 to demand for proper medical care for his back pain and numbness in his legs and hands.

Authorities transferred Navalny to a prison hospital last April 19 and said his health was “satisfactory.”

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