Climate Activists Dump Manure in Front of White House

Activists from Extinction Rebellion D.C. dumped cow manure in pink wheelbarrows near Rawlins Park. in protest of President Joe Biden’s Climate plan.

The activists also held banners that read, “DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY NOW” and “BIDEN’S 2030 PLAN = MASS DEATH.” 

Extinction Rebellion D.C.  said that Biden should act “in line with the science by declaring a climate and ecological emergency under the National Emergencies Act,” and set a net-zero emissions target for 2025.

“Net-zero by 2030 and other not in my term of office scams are far too little, far too late. Biden is punting the crisis to future generations with targets that rely on unproven technologies sucking carbon out of the atmosphere,” said Reilly Polka, a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion D.C. warned that if Biden does not meet their demands they plan to continue their demonstrations. 

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