US Markets Even as Netflix Drags Down Nasdaq

U.S. markets post a day of steady gains with rising COVID cases around the globe making investors nervous and a poor subscription turnout from Netflix pulling the Nasdaq to a standstill.

The Dow Jones edged up 180 points to go above 34,000 (+0.54%) while the S&P 500 posted a gain of 17 points, up to 4,152 (+0.41%). 

The Nasdaq would likely have posted a sizeable gain today were it not for Netflix, whose shares plummeted by 13% following news that they had added far fewer subscribers last quarter than initially projected. Currently the Nasdaq sits at a gain of 43 points to 13,830 (+0.32%).

Cryptocurrency markets are a mixed bag, with Bitcoin falling to below $56,000 in value while Ethereum is back up at $2,400 in value. Dogecoin sees significant pullback after “Doge Day” saw the coin spike in value. Doge is currently down to 30 cents in value, dropping 17% since yesterday. 

Fans and investors in Doge deemed April 20 “National Doge Day”, in part due to the informal association the day has with cannabis smoking, causing a spike in the price of Doge. The coin at one point reached 45 cents in value.

European markets are green across the board this morning, with the Stoxx 600 posting a gain of 3.23 points to 437 (+0.74%). London’s FTSE 100 is up 49 points to 6,908 (+0.71%) while the DAX lags behind slightly, posting a 77 point gain to 15,208 (0.52%).

Asian markets have taken a tumble, with Shanghai’s Composite Index (SHCOMP) flat even, posting a fractional loss of of 0.01 points. Hong Kong’s Hang Sang drops a massive 513 points to 28,621 (-1.76%) while Japan’s Nikkei 225 follow suit, shedding 591 points to rest at 28,508 (-2.03%).

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