MI5 Concerned About Spies on Linkedin Targeting Staff and Employees

MI5 has warned about spies posing as recruiters and getting information from their staff on LinkedIn.

According to MI5, at least 10,000 British Citizens including their own staff members and state employees have been contacted by fake profiles linked to hostile states on LinkedIn since 2015.

The targets included military officials, civil servants, defense contractors, and experts in the pharmaceutical industry.

The targets were reportedly offered speaking or business and travel opportunities that could be used to recruit them to provide confidential information or state secrets.

“Malicious profiles are being used on an industrial scale, ” commented MI5 security agency’s chief, Ken McCallum.

To prevent data leaks in the future, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) launched the “Think Before You Link ” campaign.

The CPNI warned that engaging the spies can damage individual careers, as well as the interests of organizations, and national security.

The campaign advises British citizens to learn how to report suspicious activity on their accounts, recognize fake profiles, and remove them from their networks.

“As a result, staff have become more vulnerable to malicious approaches from hostile security services and criminal organizations on social media,” claimed government chief security officer Dominic Fortescue.

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