Egyptian Railway Chief Fired over String of Accidents

Egypt has fired its railways chief on Tuesday following a string of train accidents in the country which has recently killed 11 people over the weekend.

Transport minister Kamel al-Wazir said he shuffled ten officials from the railways authority including head Ashraf Raslan, as part of the ministry’s overhaul of the railway network. 

“The goal of these decisions is not merely about leadership changes of the authority but are in line with the next stage which demands…a complete upgrade of the railway network,” the transport ministry said in a statement. 

The ministry added that the upgrades underway aim to provide better services for commuters in the train system.

The move comes following the accident on Sunday which killed 11 people when four train carriages went off the tracks in a town in Nile Delta. 

Social media users have also called for the transport minister’s resignation.

In March, 18 people died as hundreds were injured in a train collision in southern Sohag province.

The railways system’s poor infrastructure, maintenance and management have usually caused the accidents. 

Last month, Wazir has vowed to set up an automated network by 2024.

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