Columbus Police Officer Fatally Shoots Black Girl Wielding a Knife

A police officer in Columbus, Ohio fatally shot a Black teenage girl Tuesday afternoon after she threatened two other people with a knife, according to the officer’s bodycam footage of the encounter.

The Columbus Division of Police released the segment of the bodycam footage late on Tuesday, just hours after the incident happened in a neighborhood on the east side of Columbus.

Michael Woods, the interim police chief of Columbus, said the police officers involved in the incident were responding to a 911 emergency call from an individual who reported an attempted stabbing.

The 10-second clip showed the responding police pulling up to the scene where a 15-year-old girl was seen brandishing a knife at another female who fell backward.

As the officer shouted warnings to get down several times, the knife-wielding teenager then charged at another female who was pinned against a car and raised the weapon as if about to stab her.

The officer then fired four shots and the girl with the knife immediately collapsed against the parked car and onto the ground.

Authorities identified the girl as Makiyah Bryant.

The teenager was then sent to a nearby hospital. However, the girl died because of her injuries.

In a press release, Woods said that they are currently coordinating with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to look into the incident and to assess the responding officer’s use of fatal force.

The officer would be “taken off the street” as investigation takes place.

“This is a tragic incident for all involved but especially for the family of the female,” Woods said in a statement.

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