Chilean Veterinarians Allegedly Administered Canine Vaccines to People

Authorities in Chile are now investigating two veterinarians who allegedly administered canine coronavirus vaccines to at least 75 people including health workers since last year, before the human vaccines arrived. 

The vets administered the dog vaccine to residents in northern Calama City in Antofagasta, which they claim are effective against Covid-19.

Both of the vets also self-administered the dog vaccine. 

“This is very dangerous,” said regional health secretary Rossana Diaz. 

“There are studies saying that the effects in humans can be local, as in irritation… or systemic,” Diaz added.

Health officials reported that the pair had failed to pay the fines for the misconduct.

Chile has now reported a total of over one million Covid-19 infections with an additional 5,000 cases on Wednesday.

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