Spanish Authorities Discover 3D-Printed Gun Factory

Spanish police reported that they have uncovered a workshop using a 3D printer to make illegal firearms in Tenerife.

The joint operation between the police and treasury department took place on September 14 last year but remained classified by order of a judge until police were cleared to release the details last Sunday.

Police have 3D printers along with gun parts, a replica assault rifle, two tasers, a machete, and terrorist manuals.

The TEDAX bomb squad dogs have also reportedly sniffed out chemical substances that could be used to make explosives in the factory. 

Police arrested the alleged owner of the workshop who is a local and worked as the administrator of a nursing home on the island.

The suspect has been charged with illegal possession of weapons and explosives but his identity was not disclosed. 

There is no information rleased yet on who the suspect was working for and where the guns were bound. 

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