Nissan UK Furloughs Workers Amid Chip Shortage

Nissan Motor has furloughed around 800 workers at its UK assembly plant due to the worsening global chip shortage.

“We are adjusting production, and the number of workers daily, due to the semiconductor shortage. There were times when staff were at work, but there had been some disruption this month and things are not back to normal. Since the current situation on semiconductors is fluid, we expect more disruption to come,” said Nissan. 

The furloughs are expected to continue until the chip supply chain returns to pre-pandemic levels. 

Nissan’s UK plant has around 6000 workers and has been laying workers since March under the UK government furlough scheme.

Before the pandemic struck, the UK Nissan plant was the largest in Europe and was capable of making 550,000 cars a year. 

The chip shortage is expected to persist after semiconductor plants were hampered by blackouts in Texas last February and because of the Renesas Electronics factory fire in Japan last month.

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