Florida House Passes Bill Banning Transgender College Students From Women’s Sports

The Florida House of representatives passed the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” banning transgender students from women’s college sports in a vote Wednesday with 77 votes in favor and 40 against.

After a over 90-minute debate, the Florida House passed House Bill 1475 which extends to all Florida schools and institutions. 

The vote comes just weeks after Tennessee signed a bill that requires middle and high school athletes to prove their sex assigned at birth in order to participate in sports.

The Florida bill prohibits “athletic teams or sports designated for female 9 students to be open to male students.” 

The NCAA has announced its stance on trans rights in sports, threatening to withhold championship events from states that discriminate against trans athletes. For Florida, this could cost around $75 million over the next few years alone.

LGBTQ advocacy groups like Equality Florida are already announcing plans to fight the bill. 

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