Austrian Health Minister Resigns Due to Exhaustion During COVID-19 Pandemic

Austrian Health Minister Rudolf Anschober announced his resignation on April 13, citing persistent health problems due to overwork during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the most serious health crisis for decades, the republic needs a health minister who is 100% fit,” Anschober told reporters.

“I am not at the moment, and I won’t be in the coming weeks if I don’t pull the emergency brake,” Anschober further said.

The 60-year-old minister said that he had suffered two episodes of sudden fatigue last March, as well as high blood pressure, tinnitus, and blood sugar issues.

“I’m overworked and exhausted,” Anschober said, adding that his condition was not a burnout and that doctors advised him to take a break.

“This pandemic takes no breaks, and so a health minister can’t take a break either,” Anschober said.

Anschober, who has served as health minister since January 2020, also said that his 15 months in officer felt “more like 15 years.”

“In a pandemic, no-one is free of mistakes,” he said, defending the government’s record. “I believe that despite mistakes, a lot was done right in this country.”

His resignation shows that the pandemic is a strain not just for every single member of the population but also for someone who bears political responsibility, who is on the job day and night and has to make decisions,”

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