Massive Fire in Historic Saint Petersburg Factory Kills One, Injures Two

A massive fire has destroyed a historic factory in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg on April 12, killing one firefighter and injuring two.

According to the emergencies ministry, at least 40 people had been evacuated from the Nevskaya Manufaktura building after it caught fire, which quickly spread to all six floors and to nearby trees.

The blaze spread across an area of over 10,000 square meters and caused the roof and ceilings to collapse.

The fire service classified the complexity of the fire as fifth level, the highest.

The emergencies ministry also said that 300 firefighters were involved in extinguishing the blaze.

An investigation to the cause of the fire has been launched.

According to media reports, the building had serious violations of fire safety requirements, including an absence or malfunction of automatic fire extinguishing system.

Dating back to 1841, the building was used to manufacture fabric. Some parts of it were still being used to manufacture fabric, while other parts were rented out as office space or were abandoned, according to AFP News.

The building was included to the list of historic and culturally valuable sites in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, in 2001.

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