Hackers Leak Data and Card Data from Swarmshop Hacker and Cybercrime Forum

Singapore-based Group-IB researchers reported that Swarmshop, a hacker and cybercrime forum known for selling stolen payment cards and personal records has suffered a data breach.

The stolen data was reportedly leaked online on 17th March 2021 and was posted on a different underground forum that also deals with stolen data.

The leak exposed 12,344 records containing user names, hashed passwords, contact details, activity history of Swarmshop administrators, sellers, and buyers.

Aside from forum user data, there were 623,036 payment card records from customers using banks in a host of countries, including the UK, China, France, Brazil, Canada, and the USA.along with 69,000 sets of US Social Security numbers and Canadian Social Insurance numbers.

According to Group-IB, how the Swarmshop was breached is still unknown but site records have shown that two users tried to inject a malicious script searching for website vulnerabilities to compromise the contact information field.

Swarmshop however speculated that the breached data came from a previous breach in January 2020 where a hacker was reported trying to sell user data.

“A week after the post, Swarmshop users were redirected to an ‘under maintenance’ page when trying to log in. At the same time, card shop users reported problems with their account balance,” said Group IB.

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