George Floyd’s Younger Brother Testifies in Derek Chauvin Trial

George Floyd’s younger brother, Philonise, took to the witness stand to give a “spark of life” testimony on April 12 at the murder trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin.

Prosecution called Philonise, the second “spark of life” witness to testify after Floyd’s girlfriend Courteney Ross, to provide the jury a fuller picture of George during the trial against Chauvin, a white man charged with second- and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for the death of George, a Black man.

Philonise, a 39-year-old married father of two,  recalled stories of growing up with George and their other siblings while prosecutors presented old photos as the trial entered its third week.

Philonise became emotional, wiping his eyes, when Prosecutor Steve Schleicher showed an old photo of their mother holding a young George.

“I miss both of them,” Philonise said, further describing how George had a “unique” relationship with their mother.

Philonise said that he was married on May 24, George “was killed May 25” last year, and their mother died on May 30, 2018.

“It’s like a bittersweet month because I’m supposed to be happy when that month comes,”  Philonise said.

Philonise recalled how George was a “leader in the household” when they were children and  “was like a person everybody loved around the community.”

“He just knew how to make people feel better,” Philonise said.

Earlier on April 12, Dr. Jonathan Rich, a cardiologist, testified that George “had an exceptionally strong heart.”

“After reviewing all the facts in the evidence of the case, I can state with a high degree of medical certainty that George Floyd did not die from a primary cardiac event and he did not die from a drug overdose,” Rich told the court.

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