Biden Nominates Tucson Police Chief to Lead Customs and Border Protection

United States President Joe Biden has nominated the chief of the Tucson Police Department to serve as the commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The White House announced on April 12 the nomination of Chris Magnus, who was a critic of the Trump administration’s anti-immigration policies, to lead the country’s border enforcement agency that is currently facing a record number of children and families crossing the border.

According to the White House, Magnus “developed a reputation as a progressive police leader who focused on relationship-building between the police and community, implementing evidence-based best practices, promoting reform, and insisting on police accountability,” citing the cities where Magnus carried out a long career in public safety.

“Because of Tucson’s proximity to the border, he has extensive experience in addressing immigration issues,” the White House also stated.

Magnus, a white and gay man, described being appointed for the position as “the honor of a lifetime,” in an interview with Arizona Daily Star.

“I look forward to speaking with senators and hearing their thoughts and concerns,” Magnus said in a statement issued through the Tucson Police Department.

“The confirmation process is never a certainty. As the Senate moves forward with its deliberations, I remain committed to serving as your Chief of Police to the best of my ability,” Magnus added.

Senator Krysten Sinema described Magnus’ nomination in a written statement as “a positive step toward ensuring the administration understands and addresses the needs of Arizona communities.”

Senator Mark Kelly also expressed praise towards Magnus.

“Chief Magnus understands what it looks like when the federal government fails Arizona on border security and immigration, and that is experience and perspective he can bring to this position,” Sen. Kelly said in a written statement.

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