India Bans Remdesivir Exports Amid Worsening COVID Crisis

The Indian government announced on Sunday that it would ban the exportation of the antiviral drug Remdesivir and its active pharmaceutical ingredients as the country continues registering spiking number of COVID-19 cases over the previous week.

In a statement, the government said that all manufacturers of the Remdesivir injection in the country would be advised to publish the details of their stockists and distributors on their website to facilitate access to the drug.

The move came as many countries continued experiencing a surge in coronavirus infections due to the spreading of new variants, leading to shortages of the antiviral drug across India.

Indian health authorities recorded a sixth record daily rise in new infections for seven days and posted 152,879 new cases on Sunday.

The Indian health ministry said on Sunday that the government has already taken several steps and stalled some of the country’s major exportations of coronavirus vaccines across other countries.

The ministry said in its statement that the sudden spike in demand for the drug is inevitable due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases globally. However, the government would continue banning the exportation of the drug “till the situation improves” in India.

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