Clubhouse Social Network Data Leaked, 1.3 Million Users Compromised

1.3 million Clubhouse users’ personal data has leaked online to a popular hacker forum, according Cyber News.

The data leaked includes users’ names, social media profile names, and other personal details. Cyber News reported on Saturday that the exposed data could allow bad actors to target users through phishing schemes or identity theft.

Clubhouse pushed back against Cyber News’ report on Sunday via Twitter, writing, “Clubhouse has not been breached or hacked. The data referred to is all public profile information from our app, which anyone can access via the app or our API (application programming interface).”

The invite-only social media platform launched in March 2020 and has grown in popularity with millions of users. Its audio community allows users to tune into conversations, or “rooms,” about various topics. The company is reportedly in talks for a funding round that values the company at $4 billion.

In addition to Clubhouse users’ information being leaked, Cyber News also reported last week that 500 million LinkedIn users and 533 million Facebook users have all had information posted to hacker forums.

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