Djibouti Presidential Elections Kick off Peacefully

Voters in Djibouti have come out to participate in the country’s Presidential election where incumbent Ismail Omar Guelleh faces off with political first-timer Zakaria Ismail Farah.

Polling stations across the country opened at 6 am, and election observers in a center in the country’s capital city say the process is going smoothly and all logistics are in place.

Guelleh, 73, who has ruled the small but strategically placed nation for 22 years, is all but guaranteed a fifth term in office. He has amassed at least 75 percent of the votes in all presidential elections he has contested in.

Djibouti’s main opposition parties boycotted the election, leaving Farah, an independent candidate without a party, as the only contender. The 56-year-old presidential aspirant is an importer of cleaning products.

If Guelleh wins the election, as is predicted, it would be his last term in office due to a constitutional amendment that did away with term limits in favour of an age limit of 75 which will keep Guellah out of future elections.

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