Sputnik V Vaccine Linked to 4 Deaths

Leaked medical documents from Russian consumer regulator RosPotrebNadzor have alleged that four people have died after taking the Sputnik V  vaccine while six developed complications.

The fatalities were identified to be women aged 51, 69, and 74 but the fourth one was not identified.

The fatalities died of heart, lung, or blood-sugar related complications but the leaked documents have not detailed whether they were connected to the vaccine.

Those who suffered complications were from both genders who reportedly suffered from breathing difficulties, convulsions, swelling, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, and fevers after taking the vaccine.

EUobserver which first reported on the leaked files claimed that Denis Logunov, a senior virologist at the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow confirmed their authenticity. 

Logunov however dismissed that the deaths were because of Sputnik V and could be caused by pre-existing complications. 

I requested information about this case and … obtained a response. This case is not fake. The case was investigated. No association with vaccination was found,” said Logunov.

Gamaleya, which produces Sputnik V has not yet made any public statement regarding the alleged leaked documents. 

Russian regional newspaper PLN Pskov also reported on one of the non-lethal cases and said that the complications were caused by an existing syndrome from the patient. 

Both the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the body responsible for importing Sputnik v, and RosPotrebNadzor have not made any comments on the alleged leaked documents. 

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